PROXIMES INC, The company with more than 11 years of operation in the field of Security system distribution,  design, Consultation etc. our commitment to the industries and  to our customer is in providing only the best and extremely high quality systems and services to the commercial, industrial and residential security facilities.

We started as a very small company in providing security system to companies and individual and without the continuous support we will not be what we are today. Thus today when we are providing services to the high profile industries we also believe in taking care of the smaller businesses and the individual security in this adverse security instability and economic condition.

Since year 2008 to 2018 we have been focusing on the security application to the following organization.

Government bodies / departments, Research Centers, Historical Monuments, Large Scale Industries, Reputed Builders, Libraries and High Rise Apartments, Reputed High Rise Malls, Banking and financial institution, Reputed institute of higher learning, Schools and campus, Reputed Logistics and warehousing Firms. Area surveillance system for public area, Commercial buildings like shopping arcade and malls, Hotels, Exhibitions and convention etc.

We are officially partnered with: