PROXIMES INC, The company with more than 11 years of operation in the field of Security system distribution,  design, Consultation etc. our commitment to the industries and  to our customer is in providing only the best and extremely high quality systems and services to the commercial, industrial and residential security facilities.

As a responsible company in the field of security and Building Management Systems we have extent our expertise on the field of security to these industries against crime and facilities disaster prevention. We provide intelligence and security solutions for corporate security division and implementation of security system for organizations and residence. We work with worldwide security and building management system manufacturer as well as vendors and contractor to bring more up to date security systems to our customer. All organization and corporate reputations remain highly secured and top secret through our uncompromising commitment to the professionalism and confidentiality.

We use our unique specialized expertise, knowledge and techniques to evaluate sites and countermeasures to minimize threats and the probability of successful disruption or destruction of assets when quoting and recommending system to customer. As an independent consultant unaffiliated with any equipment manufacturers and any specific organization, Proximes Inc., objectively provides effective solutions while avoiding unnecessary or inappropriate security measures. We only believe in providing the best in the industries and will never compromises the project base on the cost competition to secure project.

High Profile Projects:-

ProXimes Inc., has worked on some extremely high profile security projects, like providing CCTV surveillance, area surveillance, access control system, Finger print  identification system, Fire Protection Systems like Fire alarms, Sprinkler & Hydrants, Smoke Detectors, etc in various facilities in India.

Corporate philosophy:-

ProXimes Inc., we put all our client interest before us. Our Building Management solutions are a combination of the few things you see and the many things you don’t. Most of all security is a feeling of letting you be free from fear or doubt. At ProXimes Inc., every solution is unique. No client project or situation is ever the same.

Quality Assurance and Conformity:-

ProXimes Inc., quality team ensures all systems before leaving our Stores undergo very stringent checks and burn-in tests before installation. All our Engineers provide test reports on equipment used from time to time. Any new system or equipment introduce to the market will have gone through same form of check with the quality department of ProXimes Inc… Our Engineers will also conduct independent test to ensure the system comply with the manufacturer recommended guide line in use. We completely understand that in this field of Security and Building Management Systems failure of quality may cause any sort of damage and risks, so is our quality team never compromise with the quality of the products, and each and every single piece of device we dispatch from our offices will be undergone strict quality check from the quality team, products with frequent problems or that of low quality have not and will not be promoted or used for the projects from ProXimes Inc.,.